CJ Clark, Author

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WITHIN THESE WALLS   (formerly titled Vestal Virgins) This is a new cover /title. The text  in the new  book is exactly the same .

What happens when a young girl is sent away to a Catholic school to "straighten up"? Mattie's world is turned inside out. Not only does she have to adjust to Catholicism but there are mysterious things going on at this school. Mattie's only desire is to get out and return to her family and her boyfriend. But she soon finds herself a prisoner. When she is finally able to escape it is into the life of degradation. It is only when  an older man rescues her and falls in love with her, she must decide whether to keep looking for her high school sweetheart or succumb out of obligation to him. Which does she choose? Read this coming of age story.

When Candace Kane meets Travis Montgomery online, she envisions another Robert Redford lookalike. Candace,  self conscious about her looks tells little white lies toTravis. Then when Travis invites her to the ski resort where he works, she has to scramble to either lose weight or come clean with the truth. Little does she know Travis has done his share of fudging the truth. Before the two get together, a  couple of well meaning friends Priscilla Hargrove and a faux Scot Donnan Lachlan  try to bring them together. Candace finds herself equally attracted to the Scot while enduring  fits of jealousy when Priscilla hangs around Travis. Mix-ups and mayhem abound in this crazy, fun-loving tale set in Colorado.

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Page Chandling has left her abusive husband and impulsively set out for the wilds of Wyoming to start a new life. Little does she know the challenges that await a greenhorn. Caught in a blizzard and overcome by carbon monoxide, she awakens to find a strange cowboy in her hospital room. Vowing she wants nothing more to do with men, she soon discovers herself falling  for the elusive and moody Quaid Kincaid.  Just when things look like they might "hook up" for life her ex enters the picture. Who wins out? Read this realistic love story from author C J Clark. 

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****Winner of the 2010 Western Horizon Award (Wyoming Writers Inc.)