CJ Clark, Author

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What's the difference?  In a nutshell, a conference is more like a lecture hall. You'll be listening to successful authors, poets, journalists, etc expound on a subject they are well acquainted with.  That doesn't mean you won't network with other authors, editors or agents. Camraderie and networking is the name of the game.  A workshop is more of a classroom experience--a little lecture, impromtu exercises or perhaps homework for the following day. Which is right for you?  Only you can make that decision.  Beginners may profit more from a conference especially if they need to learn about the craft.  Others may be more concerned about the quality of their writing and benefit more from a workshop.  There's tons of them out them and I'll highlight two or three from time to time.

April 8 & 9, 2016                http://www.blueridgewritersconference.com/
Blue Ridge, GA